Mt. Mitchell Training

2024 Weekly Training Ride Info:


Training presentation 2023 – still good info for 2024

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AOMM Training

Hello and welcome to the 2024 Assault on Mt. Mitchell and Marion Training Rides!

Ride details for each Saturday are posted on Freewheelers FB and Assaults FB pages above.

Please pay attention before each ride as we announce any safety related requirements and warnings.  We require daytime taillights (100 lumen minimum).  Please have these lights charged and mounted before ride start. BE SEEN! 

1) The date for the AOMM is Monday May 20, 2024.

2) The series will start March 2nd and continue every Saturday thru May 11th. This allows for 11 Saturday training rides (weather permitting).

3) Each week’s ride plan will be posted by late Wednesday, if possible. The ride plan will include:
     a) Starting time – usually between 8:30-10am depending on the weather forecast.

     b) Start location – most will be in the Landrum / Tryon / Inman / Gowensville area.

     c) RidewithGPS route which includes a cue sheet for those who need one. Most rides will be 60-80 miles.

     d) SAG – This year’s SAG is Russell and Mandy Thompson. We will help them reach their Police Unity Tour donation goal by following the link or by tipping them on training ride day!   Police Unity Tour – Russell Thompson

4) Emergency Contact Information:  Have this information on you in some form that is NOT solely your phone.  We cannot access your phone!

5) Weather:  We won’t head to the mountains unless the forecast shows temperatures of at least 45-50 degrees and low rain possibilities in the area we will be riding. Obviously, these are judgment calls and will be made and posted the day before or no later than 2 hours prior to the ride start time.

6) Routes and groups will be determined weekly and based on where we are in our training, weather, etc… any suggestions for our routes are always welcome.. The mountains we will use are:

                              a. Hogback (5 miles-1500′)
                              b. Saluda Grade / Pearson Falls (4-5 miles and 1200 -1500′ )
                              c. Holbert Cove
                              d. Green River Cove (2.5 miles – 950′)
                              e. Greenville Watershed (6.5 miles – 1000′)
                              f. Cabin Creek / Mt Olivet
                              g. Skyuka / White Oak (4.25 miles – 1800′)

7) Groups:

A – We hope to have an A ride each week.  The A group will start several minutes ahead of the B.

B – B group as it is normally the largest.  We may even have two B groups.

C – We don’t have a ride leader for this group yet, but we are planning on having leaders by ride time.

Most of us have some idea which group we should join but if you are unsure about your ability to do a particular ride, please contact me and I’ll help you decide. We use the same route for all the groups usually, so sometimes it’s possible to drop back a group.

8) In general, the groups will ride at a steady moderate pace between climbs and hit the climbs at your own pace. We will regroup at the top of climbs before proceeding. We try to help everyone but if you are obviously having trouble maintaining contact with the group, we will recommend you turn back or proceed on your own. Sometimes there are sections during a ride where the group strings out before regrouping. Please be patient during these sections as we will regroup at the usual spots. If you get behind just stay straight to the regroup point (always at or before the next turn or stop sign).

9) Try to remember that these are group rides and we often adjust to changing circumstances so everything may not happen exactly as planned or as you would like. If you come looking for some training and a fun social atmosphere with friends, then you should leave happy and tired at the end of the ride.          

Simple rules for this ride:

1.      Wear a helmet. They are required. 

2.      A daytime rear blinking light is required.  Flashing headlights are recommended. 

3.      Don’t cross or encroach on the yellow line.  Ride two abreast to the right side of our lane. When falling back in the group, pick a good section of road, do it in a controlled fashion, and stay to the right of the yellow line.  It is the group’s responsibility to provide ample room, so we don’t stay three wide for very long.  If you continue to demonstrate that you can’t ride two abreast without being on the yellow line, we’ll ask you to ride single file at the back. 

4.      We regroup at ALL stop signs, turns, mechanicals, etc. 

5.      No ear buds or loudspeakers.  You must be able to hear what’s going on around you. 

6.      We prefer no time trial handlebars in the group. If you have them, please ride in the back and don’t assume the aero position. 

7.      We’ll try to point out stuff in the road but please understand that doesn’t always happen in time so stay alert for your own safety.  Riders on the front:  Call it out!  Everyone else:  PASS IT BACK! 

8.      If you plan to leave the group, inform a ride leader and move to the back of the group you leave.