Weekly Group Rides

As of Friday, 3/20/20, we, the Freewheelers, are temporarily suspending our ride schedule.
This is due to the coronavirus and the recommendations already published – namely stay apart / don’t gather in groups larger than 10.  We do a lot to advocate for our safety when riding, so during this time we should adhere to what everyone is doing to combat this virus.  It could be a difficult image to see us riding right now even if we may have 6 feet and only 10 of us.
We will review the situation every few weeks and adapt as needed.

Some Recurring Weekly Group Rides (2020 Daylight Saving time Schedule)  Most up-to-date info is on our Yahoo user group.  Join the club for access.

The Club’s supplemental accident medical insurance covers members in good standing on all Club rides.

Click here for the Freewheelers “Rules to Ride By” for information on how you can be better prepared to ride with the group!

Safety Requirements for all rides:
1.      Minimum Riders: 2 or more…may be required, see postings.
2.      ID – In Case of Emergency contact – required on your person/bike (not on your mobile phone). Many different options just have one.
3.      Helmets required (glasses recommended)
4.      Rear Daytime Blinker Lights:  REQUIRED – BE SEEN.  A “Daytime” Blinker hurts your eyes if you look directly at it from arms length.  Make sure that your light is charged.  Lights need to point directly back (not to the ground or to the sky).  Set brightness down on the night rides.
5.      HeadlightsHighly recommend.  Be seen by oncoming cars and drivers turning.  And needed on our night rides.
6.      No Earbuds – to hear cars and fellow riders.
7.      Obey Safe Cycling Practice
8.      Do Not engage / respond / react to angry motorists.  Document – video / pictures / write to tell authorities if needed.
9.      Be Open to Safety Feedback – we need to watch out for each other.  The Ride Leader cannot see everything and can need feedback too.
10.  Ride Leader Mobile:  xxx-xxx-xxxx.


Downtown YMCA

  • When:  2:30pm
  • Where:  Downtown YMCA on Pine Street, Park next to the old Wendy’s. Ride:  32 miles at 16-17 mph steady pace, regroups as needed.  Zone going up Whitestone, regroup at end.  Store stop: none.   Contact: Richard White


Anderson’s Monday Ride

  • Pace main group: 16.5 Distance: @25 miles
    Roll out at 6 pm.
    Routes:  vary, lots of options.
    Also:  Multiple ability groups as needed.
    Notes:  All stay together.  Stop for all mechanicals.
  •  Meet: Chris & Gloria’s farm  1956 Moore-Duncan Hwy., Hwy. 290, Moore


Hogback Climbing.  Through beginning of May.  Route 

  • Park:  Across from Landrum Police Department on N.Shamrock Ave lot.  Intersection of N.Shamrock Ave and Lodge St.  Roll:  6pm.
  • Pace: @16-17, then Hogback.
  • RideLeader:  Karl
  • Weather:  updates as needed.
  • Stay together, climb is at your own pace.  Ride leader waits for all at top, descend when ready, regroup at IGA parking lot.  


EZ-PZ Downtown
John Barrett leading
Roll Time: 6:00pm
Pine Street YMCA.  Park in lot nearest Pine Street.
Ride average speed ~16mph. Moderate pace.  Ride route- will vary, flat out towards Pacolet.
Distance:  28-30 miles

Notes:  All stay together.  Stop for all mechanicals.

Landrum Ride
Scott Sisk leading.
Time: 6:00 pm
Route:   Link
Location: Bowen’s Landing Restaurant just past Lake Bowen, SC on Hwy 9.
Description: 30 miles (average 16-17 mph)No one left behind. We’ll enjoy good food and beverages after the ride at Bowen’s Landing restaurant.  All stay together.  Stop for all mechanicals.  Contact: Scott Sisk


Tony McAbee leading.

Reidville Road Elementary School.  300 College Street, Reidville SC 29375 Roll at 6pm.  Distance: 32 miles and 1383′ elevation.  Pace: 17-17.5mph average (regroup at stop signs/hills as needed, this is a group ride, this a NO DROP RIDE)

Route:  Woodruff Loop



We ride from Green Pond Baptist Church located at 300 Chicken Foot Creek Road, Woodruff, SC 29388; rolling at 6:00 p.m.  After the ride, we invite all to join us for more fun at Los Mexicanos on highway 290 (across from Ingle’s). 

Groups:  Leaders and routes vary.

1 – Fast (18 mph) 30 miles

2 – Fast B+ (17 mph) 30 miles.

3 – B (16 mph) 30 miles.

4 – C (15 mph) 30 miles.

Broncos Zone Ride

Final weather decision made at 4 pm.  Below 40F is the cutoff or rain.  Route may lengthen based on daylight.  Bring headlights just in case for now, but always our rear blinkies.  
Park:  Broncos Restaurant,  1560 Union St.  Park in the back right next to the trees.
Roll:  6 pm.
Pace: 17-18 between zones.  Zones are #1 Whitstone road(4 miles) and #2 Hwy 9 going into Pacolet(3 miles).  Regroup and end of both zones.  Sometimes 295 going in may get fast.  Zones usually start out as pacelining and then it goes from there.  Stay on our side of double yellow.  Don’t do anything brash, be predictable.  No awards, not even cookies at the end.  Just ride as fast as you can.  
Ride Leader:  Karl
Weather:  updates as needed.
Stay together.

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