Weekly Group Rides


Weather:  Generally, we don’t ride if temp is 40F at start or getting close to 100F.  Weather can force last minute changes, get these updates when you join the club on our email list – groups.io.
Lights: Please bring lights, front and rear.  Night rides need front and back lights, make sure the rear is toned down.

Additional Covid-19 rules we are currently following:
1.  Do not attend a group ride if you are not feeling well or if you have a fever.
2.  Open nose-blowing is not permitted on group rides.  Use tissues or a bandanna.
3.  Don’t ride if you know you have COVID-19 and you are under recommended CDC guidelines
We review and make changes as needed regarding Covid-19.

Some Recurring Weekly Group Rides below.  Most up-to-date info is on our Groups.io email group.  Join the club for access.

The Club’s supplemental accident medical insurance covers members in good standing on all Club rides.

Click here for the Freewheelers “Rules to Ride By” for information on how you can be better prepared to ride with the group!

Safety Requirements for all rides:
1.      Minimum Riders: 2 or more…may be required, see postings.
2.      ID – In Case of Emergency contact – required on you/bike (not on your mobile phone). Many different options just have one.
3.      Helmets required (glasses recommended)
4.      Rear Daytime Blinker Lights:  REQUIRED – BE SEEN.  A “Daytime” Blinker hurts your eyes if you look directly at it from arms length.  Make sure that your light is charged.  Lights need to point directly back (not to the ground or to the sky).  Set brightness down on the night rides.
5.      HeadlightsHighly recommend.  Be seen by oncoming cars and drivers turning.  And needed on our night rides.
6.      No Earbuds – to hear cars and fellow riders.
7.      Obey Safe Cycling Practice
8.      Do Not engage / respond / react to angry motorists.  Document – video / pictures / write to tell authorities if needed.
9.      Be Open to Safety Feedback – we need to watch out for each other.  The Ride Leader cannot see everything and can need feedback too.
10.  Ride Leader Mobile:  xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Downtown YMCA
Roll time:  2:30pm
Where: Downtown YMCA on Pine Street, Park next to the old Wendy’s.
Distance: 32 miles
Pace: 16-18 mph. Depends on who shows, regroups as needed. Zone going up Whitestone.
Terrain: rolling, flat.
Leader: Richard White
Reidville Elementary School
When:  2 pm
Where:  Reidville Elementary School, 520 E. Main St. Reidville SC  29375
Distance:  28-30 miles
Pace:  A, B, & C groups
Ride Leader:  Larry Hart
The intent is to run 3 groups:  A-group at 18+ mph, B-group at 17 mph, and a C-group at 15-16 mph.  If we get enough interest and a ride leader, we’ll have a 14-15 mph group as well.
RD Anderson Vocational School
Time – 6:00pm

Location – RD Anderson Applied Tech Center
1151 Center Point Dr. Moore, SC 29369
Distance – 30-32 miles
Routes vary, pace groups vary. Usually a fast and slow group.
Watermelon Ride 🍉
Required rear light- recommending having a front light also.
When: 6:00pm
Where: Lake Bowen Baptist 
404 Sugar Ridge Rd Inman, SC
Pace: Group 1: 17.5+ and Group 2: 16.5+
Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/40359889
Reidville Elementary School
When:  6 pm
Where:  Reidville Elementary School, 520 E. Main St. Reidville SC  29375
Distance:  28-30 miles.  Courses will vary.
Pace:  B+ group
Ride Leader:  Tony McAbee and others
Boiling Springs
Time: 6 pm
Where: Boiling Springs First Baptist, 3600 Boiling Springs Road. Park in the lot across from Firehouse Subs.
Speed: 18 mph+, steady fast and faster. 2 groups when we have enough people, A and B+ group.
Distance/route: 32 miles BSFB Tuesdays
Time: 6:00pm 
Where: Landrum, SC. 
Park in large lot behind the Landrum Police Station (Lodge St.)
Route: 30mi ~1800ft. https://ridewithgps.com/routes/40998288
Terrain: Rolling horse country
Lights: Rear ‘blinky’ light required, Front light recommended. Make sure they are charged.
Other: GROUP RIDE. This will be at a relaxed, no pressure pace determined by slowest rider.  We usually have 3 “spirited” zones and re-group at stop signs.
Complimentary appetizers provided after by Hare & Hound for those staying for dinner.
When: 6 PM
Where: Downtown YMCA Parking Lot with the playground facing Pine St.
151 Ribault Street, 29302
Route: 28 miles, out past Pacolet and back. A few small hills, but mostly flat.
16 – 16.5 miles per hour, no sprints, no zones.
Stop for all mechanicals, no one left behind.
Reidville Ride:
When:  6 pm
Where:  Reidville Elementary School, 520 E. Main St. Reidville SC  29375
Distance:  28-30 miles.  Courses will vary.
Pace:  All groups. 
Ride Leader:  Tony McAbee and others
Bronco’s Zone Ride
Time: 6 pm roll
Where: Bronco’s restaurant on Union Street.  Park in the back right against the trees.
Route:  26 miles: Broncos Zone route 2 Zones Whitestone (4 mi); Hwy 9 into Pacolet (2.6 mi).
Please use blinkies, front and rear. Regroup at end of zones and as needed.
Strawberry Hill
When: 6pm

Where: Strawberry Hill, 3097 Hwy 11 West at Martin Camp Road
Distance and pace: B ride 16-17 pace 28-30 miles
Route and leader: varies.
Many different rides, start in different places, join to ride them.



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