Insurance Coverage for Members

One of our Club Benefits is Insurance Coverage 

Ride postings by any Freewheelers club member in good standing automatically has club insurance coverage for other club members in good standing who attend the posted ride.

  • The ride must be posted on the Freewheelers website and/or the Freewheelers Email group.
  • The ride can be posted in other places, but the ride must also be posted with the Freewheelers to receive insurance coverage.
  • Those cyclists who attend the posted club ride who are not club members in good standing can still ride but they are not covered by Freewheelers’ insurance.
  • A club member in good standing is a cyclist who has paid his Freewheelers membership dues for the current year the ride is posted.
  • If the club wishes to cover non-member cyclists with the insurance policy, then a fee would be charged for the club ride.

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