Tour De Paws – Course Routes

This page contains all of the details on the 2019 Tour De Paws Routes.

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NEW Start/Finish location!!!
R.D. Anderson Applied Technology Center – 1151 Moore Duncan Highway, Moore, SC 29369
The 2016 Tour de Paws courses have been upgraded.   For everyone that has participated in the past, you know that the first and last mile on Reidville Road took our slogan of “Share the Road” to the extreme.   Each year, the traffic was getting worse…putting cyclists at more risk.  We found a new Start/Finish Host for 2016, R.D. Anderson Applied Technology Center, that gives us the FREEDOM to ride on the beautiful and challenging rolling country roads of Western Spartanburg County….WITHOUT all the traffic.
  • On the first test ride on a Saturday morning in July 2016, we had 3 cars pass us on the 57 mile course.  THREE cars over 3.5 hours!!!
  • Our 1st priority in creating these new courses is rider safety.   We all know that cycling is more fun when “CAR BACK” is NOT your primary focus.
  • If you enjoyed the courses in the past, you will love these twice as much.
One note…when you ride on old country roads in South Carolina that are not heavily traveled or populated…you find roads that are on the bottom of the re-paving list.  There are a couple of sections (2-3 miles total on the 57 mile course) that are a little bumpy.
57 Mile Course
Although Ride With GPS shows 2,752 in elevation (climbing), several Garmin computers showed 3,000 or more after riding this course.   Prepare for a challenging, hilly course.
The Rest stop is at mile 20.5 and 36.2.   This is THE rest stop, where all courses come together.  Each time you arrive at this rest stop (mile 20.5 and 36.2) it is very simple to follow the shorter course road markings to reduce the total mileage….IF….you find this 57 mile course too challenging.
In addition to the rest stop, we will have roaming SAG vehicles focusing on the final 20 miles AFTER the rest stop.
43 and 50 Mile Options
We have set up the 57 and 27 mile routes so that you can also create your own hybrid, or change your mind when you reach the rest stop.
The 43 mile option goes out to the rest stop on the 27 mile course, and then adds the Horseshoe Falls Loop which includes a challenging 3 mile uphill section.  Once back to the rest stop, you continue back on the 27 mile course.
The 50 mile option goes out with the 57 mile course, including the Horseshoe falls loop.   Once back at the rest stop (mile 36) you will take the 27 mile course back to the finish.
27 Mile Course
As you can see from the map (link below) this is a simple out and back course.   It only has one right hand turn going out…and one left turn coming back.
The rest stop is at the turn around point…mile 13.5.   This is a GREAT course for beginners, couples, or small groups looking for a stress free charity ride.  The  1,300 feet elevation (climbing) is spread out over the 13.5 miles…so hilly to challenge you but no mountains to climb.   You won’t find a safer course…very low traffic volume on country roads.