Meeting Minutes – May 2015

Board: Karl Johnson, Paul LeFrancois, Cheryl Moore, Lynde Shaw, Craig Foster, Larry Hickman, Andrew Danfy, Johnny Cyril, Larry Richards, Cheri Tutterow
Non-Board: Frank Tutterow, Ricky Tutterow, Teresa Hickman

Karl opened the meeting with info on several rides coming up.  There is an ALS ride in the fall partnered w/ Spartanburg Regional.  Paul Thomas has several rides in mind but doesn’t want fees involved; we will let him know about insurance regulations.

The Crit from May 1st was discussed.  Andrew said spectators were high in numbers and it is as big as it can get.  He said “higher level” riders could come if our race level was higher, as in USA cycling.  Gives us something to think about for upcoming years.  Also going from 38 to 62 tents.  A suggestion was made to have a tent/display for non-riders to get people involved in riding.  Suggestion to have a photographer take photos of each tent with their banners and members to post on their Facebook pages, etc.  A rider suggested having more “noise” from spectators; we discussed having sticks, boards to bang on at each tent.

Paul- the Midlands Gives on May 5th out of Columbia is matching funds given on this day.  Last year, PCC raised approx. $8000.  Paul made a motion to donate $2500, Larry Richards seconded, all were in favor.

Lynde- the Wine Ride had 27 riders, most were non-Freewheelers members.  She may do the ride again in the fall, but will work on revamping the route.  Planning at least 2 more rides in the fall.

Cheryl- there have been website issues with Flourish.  She researched several options and would like to try WordPress, which would allow anyone on the board to post on a blog or on the website (with a password).  Karl gave the go-ahead to try this on the FW site first.

Larry Hart- the accounts are at $78K

Paul- He will be coming to Chapman High on May 11th to do a Bike Safety class for the Drivers Ed program.  Hoping this will expand to other schools in the area after they get word of this.  Jazz on the Square on the 15th– the PCC is encouraging people to ride to the event.  FW will donate one Marion 2016 ticket to give away at this event.  May 20th, Ride of Silence- a 6 mile loop to remember riders who have lost their lives.  Begins at 6 PM from Country Club end of the Rail Trail.  The Bill he’s been working on went before the 6-person sub-committee.  DOT had concerns w/ definition of “bike lanes” so some rewording was done.  Also, language about jail time had to be redone.  His group is waiting on the bill to get out of the committee to the House.

Andrew- nothing

Larry Richards- working on getting potholes filled.  He sent out a link that anyone can use to report potholes that need to be filled/repaired.

Craig- nothing

Johnny- there is a MS ride in October (Johnny was asked to join their team.)  He asked for $500 to help raise money, it was decided to vote on this in June.

Discussion began on how many rides/riders we can give to each year.  It was brought up that in a previous meeting, the board decided to limit the amount to $100 per rider.  As our numbers for Mitchell are down, the board decided to further discuss our budget in August and talk more about this subject.  Karl and Larry will go over the budget and see where we can make changes, repopulate the budget blocks.  We will come up with a policy and establish a way to decide how much to give per request.

Meeting adjourned.

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