Meeting Minutes – June 2015

Board: Karl Johnson, Paul LeFrancois, Johnny Cyril, Cheri Tutterow, Audrey Sperry, Craig Foster, Larry Richards, Larry Hickman, Cheryl Moore, Larry Hart.
Non-Board: Frank Tutterow, Teresa Hickman, Ricky Tutterow

Karl began the meeting by asking that we establish a donation policy/how much to give per rider.  Going on our average profit over the last few years and after much discussion, the general consensus is to set an amount for each rider and when the funds are gone, they are gone.  A motion by Cheryl was made to give each rider $250 until it’s gone; if we get more money than we can do more donations.  A vote was taken.  All were in favor, none opposed.  The motion passed.

The group also went over the budget for the month and had to make adjustments in certain areas to get us at our desired limit.  After the changes, a motion was made by Cheri to approve the changes in budget for the FW.  All were in favor, none opposed.  The motion passed.  (The storage fee can get moved to the FCA club in 2016 which will help with the FW budget.)


Paul- H.3909 passed on May 20th J  The Ride of Silence was held on this same day and we had about 30 riders attend.  It was covered by the Herald Journal.  Also, now every LEO will have to watch a video in their basic training that will contain approx. 15 min of the new bike laws.  Paul also asked about having a social every quarter for cyclists to get together.  Karl suggested August and will speak with Peter Wilburn about coming to our group to speak.

Craig- organizing a bike group to get to work together, making it safer to ride together.  Will work with PAL on this.

Johnny- Stump Jump on June 28th, making a big push in high schools.  See the SAMBA website for more details.

Audrey- asking for used bicycles to use for the PAL program.  They fix them, rent them to anyone for $15.  Includes a bike, helmet, and lock.  Contact PAL for info.

Cheryl- showed us the new WordPress site that she has set up as a test run.  Explained how to use it, demonstrated how the links and tabs, etc. work.

Meeting adjourned.

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