Meeting Minutes – April 2015

Board: Karl Johnson, Johnny Cyrill, Cheryl Moore, Audrey Sperry, Paul LeFrancois, Cheri Tutterow, Larry Hart, Andrew Danfy, Lyndee Shaw
Non Board: Frank Tutterow

Lyndee began the meeting with details on her upcoming Red Horse Tour ride in Landrum.  She has 16 confirmed riders and 13 maybes.  The ride is on April 11th at 9:00.  It costs FW members $10 and non-members $20.  She will get an updated list of FW members from Karl for her registration that morning.

Larry Hart updated us that we currently have approx. $87K total in our accounts.

Andrew let us know there is a crit starting in Charlotte and a USA crit in Greenville coming.  There are several cyclocross events coming up (see website for schedule)

Johnny regrettably told us that he got “smoked” by a girl in mountain biking this weekend. 😉  He also updated us on the new mountain biking club, SAMBA.  They have a Facebook page and several members.  If you are interested or know someone who is, point them to this site for more info!

Audrey asked for volunteers to help break down the fencing after the crit event on May 1st.  She also asked for more of a Freewheelers presence in our tent.  There is free food and beer, so if you are a member, come out and join the fun!

Paul updated us on his visit to D.C.  The PCC will also be encouraging people to bike to the Jazz on the Square event coming up- the Bike Ped Commission is sponsoring it.  Paul is asking for help in contacting representatives about the Vision Zero Act, which will make hitting and injuring a vulnerable user a felony.  PLEASE help us with this.

Cheryl asked about the Bare Yourself ride, and if there would be any members willing to join the ride.  There were no takers.  She also brought to our attention the bulletin boards that have been put up along I-26 recognizing BikeTown, StumpJump, and the Assaults.

Karl asked if anyone would be interested in riding the B-cycles at the crit on May 1st.  We need 4 volunteers, and each would to 2 laps, switching off after every half lap.  This is a fun, comical event!

Meeting was adjourned.

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