Video Camera Incentive Program – Freewheeler Safety

Take advantage of this offer. The Video Incentive Program is open. 

The Spartanburg Freewheeler – Video Camera Incentive Program
The Freewheeler Safety Committee has been reviewing how to most effectively document and communicate unsafe/dangerous events through the use of video cameras.  With the advances in technology, “GoPro” like cameras have become very effective.
There a number of Benefits:
Proof – Capturing a Motor Vehicle’s Unsafe Act – a video camera can provide clear documentation – “Proof” (license plate, trucking firm, etc) of the event.  In a recent close call with a truck with an oversized load, the “Proof” allowed communications with the trucking company.  In several other recent dangerous encounters, there was no video cameras available/used which hampered identification and appropriate actions.
Capturing and Sharing the Exciting Moment/Experience – to share with fellow & prospective cyclists.
The Incentive Program – The Freewheeler Safety Committee is looking for ways to encourage the use of video cameras while you are riding.  We recognize that one of the barriers to entry is the cost.  To assist, the Freewheeler Safety Committee is offering a $50 incentive.
Program Details
·      Available to ALL Freewheeler Members (current 2018) or 2019
·      Limited to the first 20 cameras (to start)
·      “GoPro like” Video Cameras designed for your bike or helmet.  Forward Facing is best for capturing license plates..
·      To Receive the $50 incentive
o   Provide proof of purchase (ordered or receipt dated 10/1/18 or later)
Email a scanned copy (preferred) or provide a hard copy
to Dave Coggins or Karl Johnson
o   The Freewheelers will reimburse you $50
·      Limit – One incentive per Freewheeler member
Selecting the Best Cycling Video Camera for you – Cyclist Buyer Guide video – by Rob Brunken –
While there are many cameras available, Rob’s report will help you with your camera selection process.
There are a number of discount dealers and Amazon that will help you find the right dealer.
The Video Camera Incentive Program is being funded by the proceeds from the July 4th Ride for Safety..
Thank you,
The Freewheeler Safety Committee
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Dave Coggins