Weekly Group Rides

Recurring Weekly Group Rides (2017 Spring-Summer schedule)

Note: If you know of any other recurring or group rides and you would like for us to post them, please contact webmaster@freewheelers.info  Most up-to-date info is on our Yahoo user group.  Join the club for access.

The Club’s supplemental accident medical insurance covers members in good standing on all Club rides.

Click here for the Freewheelers “Rules to Ride By” for information on how you can be better prepared to ride with the group!

Safety Requirements for all rides:

  1.    Minimum Riders: may be required, see postings.
  2.    ID with In Case of Emergency contact – required on your person/bike (not on your mobile phone). Many different options, just have one.
  3.    Helmets required (glasses recommended)
  4.    Rear Daytime Blinker Lights: HIGHLY recommended – BE SEEN.  150 Lumen minimum works best.
  5.    Headlights: recommended in case of ride delays or foul weather, especially on our night rides.
  6.    No Earbuds – to hear cars and fellow riders
  7.    Obey Safe Cycling Practices
  8.    Obey The Rules of the Road.
  9.    Be Open to Safety Feedback – we need to watch out for each other.  The Ride Leader cannot see everything, and can need feedback too.


Sunday Rocky Branch Burner

Time: 2:30 pm
Location: Rocky Branch Plaza on Hwy 9 in Boiling Springs next to Manny’s Italian Restaurant                                                                                                                   Route:   https://ridewithgps.com/routes/14222912
Description: 36 miles to Green Creek, NC and back. Flat course. Avg speed 19-20 mph. Regroups as necessary at turns, stop signs and mechanicals. Fast but friendly ride.  3 speed zones included.
Contact: Richard White



Anderson’s Monday Ride (year-round)

Sammy Woodruff leading
Pace: 16.5 Distance: @25 miles

Roll out at 6 pm.

Routes:  vary, lots of options.

Multiple ability groups as needed.

Notes:  All stay together.  Stop for all mechanicals.

Meet: Chris & Gloria’s farm
1956 Moore-Duncan Hwy., Hwy. 290, Moore


WaterMelon Rides

Where: Va-Du-Mar park in Boiling Springs
Time: 530 pm sharp through October.  Group 1 will go still at 6 pm.  Watermelon rides will end at daylight savings time change, replace by another ride tbd.
Terrain: rolling, approx 30 miles, differing with each group

Main Route:  https://ridewithgps.com/routes/10696577

Group 1 avg 19+ – 3-4 have been showing, no guarantees
Group 2 avg 17+ – Cheri Tutterow
Group 3 avg 15-16- Larry Hart
Group 4 avg 14+ – Cheryl Ivey
Group 5 avg 12-14- Frank Tutterow


Wednesday Landrum Ride 

Scott Sisk leading.

Time: 6:00 pm

Route:   https://www.strava.com/activities/372690065

Location: Bowen’s Landing Restaurant just past Lake Bowen, SC on Hwy 9.
Description: 30 miles (average 16-17 mph)No one left behind. We’ll enjoy good food and beverages after the ride either at Bowen’s Landing restaurant.   Come join us.

Notes:  All stay together.  Stop for all mechanicals.

Contact: Scott Sisk


Wednesday Downtown

Ralph Paquin leading

Roll Time: 6:00pm

Duncan Park Tennis courts. Bathrooms and water fountain available.

Ride average speed ~17mph. Moderate pace. Routes will contain some hills.

Ride route- will vary.

Distance:  28-30 miles

Notes:  All stay together.  Stop for all mechanicals.



Andrew Thurman leading.

Union St. Spartanburg, Broncos Restaurant, 6:00 pm.
Need at least three riders for a quorum.
Will detour off of Cedar Springs before it merges down to two lanes.
Two speed zones planned, sometimes 3 zones, regroup after – stop or easy pedal.
Average speed, 18-19.
Notes:  All stay together.  Stop for all mechanicals.

Reidville Ride

Sammy Woodruff leading.

Roll at 6 pm

Location: Greenpond Baptist Church.  300 Chicken Foot Creek Road, Woodruff 29388. Try to keep groups no bigger than 12 riders, so we may have say, more than 1 B group.  Please bring lights, front and rear.

  • A Group:
  • Leader:  Sammy Woodruff
  • Pace:  18 to 18.5
  • Distance:  30.1 miles
  • B Groups:
  • Leaders:  Faith / Tony  and Suzanne / Ronnie
  • Pace: 17
  • Distance: 28-32 miles
  • C Group:
  • Leader:  Michael Forrester
  • Pace:  15
  • Distance:  28-32 miles
Join us for after the ride at Los Mexicanos!!!


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