Meeting Minutes – November 2015

November 2, 2015 Freewheelers (FW) minutes

Present: Board- Karl Johnson, Cheri Tutterow, Audrey Sperry, Ricky Tutterow, Andrew Danfy, Larry Richards, Paul LeFrancois, Larry Hart, Cheryl Moore Non-Board- Frank Tutterow, Dietmar Griem, Steve Verdell

Larry Hart went over the current budget and monies.

Karl explained the Corporate Bike League, which he has gotten approval for.  This will consist of 9 rides throughout the year, at his choosing.  These are non-competitive and are meant to involve the community and promote healthy lifestyles.  The money raised will go to charity (after insurance is paid for the rides.)  A link for FW will be on each ride email/posting.

Andrew- he renewed his license.  There is a SpartanCross event on Nov 29th at Duncan Park.

Congratulations to the Summer Metric Series winner: Dietmar Griem!!  He won a free 2016 Assault on Mitchell ticket. J

We discussed the annual Christmas party.  It was decided that with our current funds, we will check into meeting at the Growler Haus and members each bring a small finger food to share.  Members would buy their own drinks.  Desserts would be provided.  More details to come.

LAB classes- several board members expressed interest in taking the first level course.  The second level is more expensive, so we will gauge interest and see about the 2nd level at a later time and about if FW can help with costs.  This would give PAL and the FW more help in the community in promoting safe bicycle practices.

Karl discussed Adopt-a-Highway with the group.  Some were interested but felt that help would wane after a month or two.  We decided that Karl would send an email out to see if any other members were interested in helping.

Cheryl- suggested making a video presentation of how to group or night ride.  We are going to try this around March.

We have set a date for January 4th at 6:30 in the main library for Ned or Laura (PAL) to come and speak about the new trails and developments going on in Spartanburg.

Paul- he is going back to Columbia to talk about rumble strips again.  Emails from PCC will be coming out in Dec regarding the Bike Ped bill, reminding us to contact our local representatives.

Audrey- mentioned the 2016 Crit and have the FW support again.  More discussion on this as it approaches.

Meeting adjourned.