Meeting Minutes May 2017

Freewheelers (FW) minutes May 1, 2017

Present:  Board members- Karl Johnson, Andrew Danfy, Paul LeFrancois, Cheri Tutterow, Ricky Tutterow, Pablo Pena, Larry Richards, Charles Martino, Larry Hart.  Non board Members- Dave Coggins, Frank Tutterow, Suzanne Heim, Mike, Danny, Gabrielle, Linda Votey


The month of May is Bike Month.  See the FW and PAL site for a list of activities throughout the month.

July 4th ride- planning to leave from Lake Blalock, Karl will check with the warden.  This will be our Bandana Benefit Ride for Antonio.  More info to come.

Andrew- the Tuesday Donaldson ride is back on; there is a $5 charge

Paul- the bill was sent to the judiciary committee for review of some language.  It may end up being split in two sections to make sure one part gets passed this session.  Midlands Gives is May 2nd! Any gifts that you donate will be doubled!!  Please consider the PCC for a tax-deductible donation!

Dave- updated the group on the safety committee’s activities.  They are working on ID cards, how to post rides w/ the correct information/details, visibility via lights and hi-vis kits, arm warmers, socks (more to come on the socks!), new rider instructions including how to ride, find rides, where is safe to ride, what to wear, etc.

Larry Hart- 9 new members for the month of April.  The checkbooks look good for now, hoping that the next couple of weeks make a good push for the Assaults rides to help even us out.