Meeting Minutes March 2017

March 6, 2017 Freewheelers (FW) minutes

Present:  Board- Karl Johnson, Andrew Danfy, Larry Hart, Cheri Tutterow, Charles Martino, Ricky Tutterow, Paul LeFrancois, Pablo Pena, Steve Verdel, Jennifer Britanisky  Non-Board- Linda Votey, Frank Tutterow, Mike Bonner

A ride for Antonio (the rider hit and injured on Christmas Eve) was discussed and tentatively planned for June 3rd.  It will possibly correspond with the ride that we participate in, in Woodruff.

Andrew- several events coming up next month; a big Charlotte crit as well

Larry- 12.5K in due came in from memberships, bringing our overall to 92K

Ricky- when planning/riding in areas with bike lanes, use them as much as possible.  The more we are seen using them, the more likely people will get out and use them as well!

Linda- offered help from the Women’s Team during the Crit at the FW tent.

Paul- bill 3615 went before the committee and passed with one change; instead of having 3 months to complete the safe driving course you would get 6 months.  The bill should be on the agenda on March 15th for the Education of Public Works Committee.  Upcoming- Hilton Head doing a Southeastern bicycle symposium, May 4-5 is Mayor’s Bike/Walk to School Day

Jennifer- membership total is up to 176

The FW will sponsor a tent at the Crit at the $1000 level; food and beer provided.  More info to come in the coming months.


Meeting adjourned.