Meeting Minutes – June 2018

6/4/18  Meeting Minutes



Karl Johnson

Larry Hart

Paul LeFrancois

David Coggins

Andrew Danfy

Mike Bonner

Steve Verdell

Larry Richards

Frank Tutterow


Dave Coggins, Safety Update:  Ride for Safety will be July 4th.  This year, the ride will be from Lake Blalok.  Registration is open.  Socks have been received:  120 pair.  Need sponsorship—food, $, safety items.


Elections will be held at the July 9th meeting.  Please contact Karl to run for board officer.


Tour de Paws:  RD Anderson is not available on 9/15 or 9/22.  If anyone knows of a location, please speak up.


Paul:  Georgia passed a law that drivers may not hold their phones while driving.


Club kits:  Kit store closed.  About 50 orders were placed


Larry Hart:  FW has $89,448 in the accounts.


Jennifer Britanisky in absentia:  The club has 195 members (combining single and family members).


Meeting adjourned with no further business.