Meeting Minutes – July 2018

7/16/18  Meeting Minutes


Freewheelers of Spartanburg



Karl Johnson

Larry Hart

Paul LeFrancois

David Coggins

Ricky Tutterow

Cheryl Tutterow

Jim Hines

Mike Bonner

Larry Richards

Frank Tutterow

Joan Glynn

Andrew Danfy


Election of Board Members:

President:  Karl Johnson

VP:  Ricky Tutterow

Dir of Assault:  Flourish Events, non-voting

Dir of Touring:  Cheryl Tutterow

Dir of Racing:  Andrew Danfy

Dir of Membership:  Joan Glynn

Dir of Safety:  Dave Coggins

Recording Secretary:  Larry Hart

Treasurer:  Jim Hines

Webmaster:  (Maybe Lisa Rodman, paid position)

Bike Shop Liaison:  Jennifer Britanisky

PCC Liaison:  Paul Lefrancois

Member at Large:  Larry Richards

Member at Large:  Frank Tutterow


Dave Coggins, Safety Update:  Ride for Safety had 126 riding participants.  Grossed $2,840.  Net:  ~$1,500; after buying socks and food.  Dave recommended we investigate a subsidy for members that want to buy GoPro-style video camera.


There was a discussion on safe riding habits and how to get riders to build good habits.


Club kits:  Jersey, bibs, vest, arm warmers (black and yellow).  Target the online store to open 1 week before AOMM and remain open for 3 weeks.


Paul, PCC update:  If an incident occurs, it should be reported to the police.  Otherwise NOTHING will happen.


Jennifer Britanisky:  The club has 201 members (combining single and family members).


Meeting adjourned with no further business.