Meeting Minutes – July 2017

Freewheelers (FW) minutes July 10, 2017
Present: Karl Johnson, Charles Martino, Steve Verdel, Pablo Pena, Ricky Tuttero
w, Cheri Tutterow, Frank
Tutterow, Larry Richards, Larry Hart
Elections: first order was to do away with the positions of Mountain Bi
ke Liaison, Commuting, and
Community Relations and to add the position of Safety Committee
. The following positions were voted
on and filled:
President: Karl Johnson
Vice President: Ricky Tutterow
Touring: Pablo Pena
Racing: Andrew Danfy
Secretary: Larry Hart
Webmaster: Karl Johnson
PCC: Paul LeFrancois
Membership: Jennifer Britanisky
Safety Committee Chair: Dave Coggins
Bike Shop Liaison: Charles Martino
Member at Large: Cheri Tutterow
Member at Large: Larry Richards
Bandana Ride for Antonio-
approx. 114 riders (10 new memberships) raised $3000 after expenses.
Thank you to our cycling community, the volunteers, and Lake
Blalock for allowing us to host the ride
from their landing. What a huge testament to our riding family!!
There will be a safety ride in the fall, maybe October. Socks and ID cards will be offered. The committee is also working to get 4 billboards in place that will feature a message regarding people on bikes. Safety
committee requested $1500 to start up ID cards and for billboards, motion was approved.
Business cards will be placed in all bike shops with the recommended safety rules/recommendations.
Andrew- August ride coming up
Larry H- FCA is up 20K since last year. Hoping to keep the upward trend.
Meeting adjourned.