Meeting Minutes – January 2018

1/08/18 Meeting Minutes

Karl Johnson
Larry Hart
Pablo Pena
Andrew Danfy
Ricky Tutterow
Cheri Tutterow
Dave Coggins
Steve Verdell
Sammy Woodruff
Steve Verdell
Linda Votey
Paul Lefrancois
Larry Richards
Greg Kyzer

Parade: PAL/FW won the “Sparkle City” award.

Membership: Trek helped with the membership drive. Everyone who joined is
eligible to receive a $20 gift card from Trek/Spartanburg. Current membership is
170 members

Racing: The Spring Racing Series begins mid-February. Andrew Danfy thanked the
club for the $500 sponsorship and asked for an additional $500.

Paul: Rita Allison has entered a bill to invoke penalties for distracted driving. Paul
spoke to 4 driver’s ed classes at Chapman High School. There is a project to build a
7-mile MTB/foot trail around Lake Cherokee.

Dave: We have received and distributed 450 pairs of Safety Socks to local bike
shops for sale.

Wednesday, 2pm, 7th Judicial Circuit at 2 pm… requesting cyclists to support Dale
Willenberg, who was hit by a car while cycling.

Criterium: The FCA will sponsor the Spring Fling Criterium. Amount to be
discussed/determined. (Addendum: by internet vote, the board decided to sponsor
the criterium for $500.)

Meeting adjourned with no further business