Meeting Minutes – January 2017

January 9, 2017 Freewheelers (FW) minutes
Present: Board members- Karl Johnson, Larry Hart, Cheri Tutterow, Ricky Tutterow, Charles Martino, Paul LeFrancois, Andrew Danfy, Jennifer Britanisky, Pablo Pena, Larry Richards. Others- Rob Brunken, Dave Coggins, Sammy Woodruff, Jason Seay, Dietmar G, Tony McAbee, Ted, another rider and son

As of now, we have 130 members of the Freewheelers. The Trek Store has joined with us for a membership drive and you will get a $20 gift card to their store if you join the Freewheelers during the month of January. There are many other benefits from their store, one being that you get 10% off purchases. See our website for details. There are also countless reasons to be a FW member: you are a member of a cycling community, you get up to date emails regarding daily/weekly rides, you are covered by insurance on every ride posted on the FW website, you help support PAL, you support other cyclists and their families (Bandana Rides.) Single member is $25 and family membership is $35. See the link on our website and join today!
Ghost Bike update…the ghost bike for Josh Duncan is going to be painted white and it, along with a plaque, will be permanently placed near the location of the wreck where Josh was killed. There are still some city issues to work through, but hopefully this will get approved. The bike is Josh’s actual bike (requested by his family) and will be the frame and handlebars. *The driver was given a ticket for “too fast for conditions” and has paid a $242 fine. Hopefully, some sort of civil suit will take place.
Christmas Eve wreck update…several people who were on the ride that day were at this meeting. After some talk about what happened, we discussed what we, as a cycling club, can do to help keep ourselves safer. Some thoughts put out: when posting rides request that all riders bring a type of ID (license or RoadID), use blinky lights whether day or night, use headlights day or night, if you have a new rider come get a picture of them and their number, have the FW come up with a kit in high vis for riders to purchase.
Dave Coggins will be managing a group who will be putting together tips and rules for the club to post on our website. If you are interested in helping him, contact him @ [email protected] He will also be contacting Barry Barnette to see if there is anything further to pursue as far as pressing harsher charges.
Larry Hart- FW has 91K in bank, FCA has 63K (from Mitchell entries)
Andrew- looking for a good park or course to have a spring race; needs at least a 7 mile loop
Paul- the PCC will be reintroducing the bill from last year that didn’t pass (because of one person) Also, if you know of any group that wants a speaker on road safety, contact him.
The Crit will be discussed at the next meeting and a tent size will be decided on for us to get.
An idea was brought up and highly favored for us to recognize the EMS/rescue workers who helped during the Dec 24th accident. We will decide how to do this.