1/07/19, Freewheelers of Spartanburg

Attendance: Larry Hart, Pablo Pena, Ricky Tutterow, Frank Tutterow, Paul Lefrancois, Greg Kyzer, Charles Martino

Simone, Cycle Bar; Plans to open in March 2019. Premium indoor cycle training facility. Going to be located at 120 W. St. John. Schwinn bikes, cleated shoes/pedals (SPD and/or Delta clips). Founder’s Special: $99/mo. After they open, price goes to $169/mo. Drop-in rate: $25/ride. 45 minute classes. Themed rides indoors with specific music and an instructor. Minimum height is 5’ to fit the bikes. [email protected]

Criterium: Decision was made to sponsor at $1,100. Safety Committee: •8 people have taken advantage of the video camera incentive. •Lisa Rodman is going to develop a Freewheelers Safety App. •Dave encouraged all riders not to respond negatively to cars. •When changing a tire: move riders off the road, look for a safer place to change the tube.

Membership drive for 2019: we have158 members signed up for the club.

Greg Kyzer: Jeff Pierce’s son wants to ride to Marion or Mitchell. He is 15 years old. Coming up with a bike is an issue. The group brainstormed how to provide a bike and some gear for riding.

PCC/Paul Lefrancois: There are 4 bills up for review. DUI-E/H3355 (driving under influence of electronic devices). Vulnerable Road User. E-bike. Pedestrian in crosswalk. Dwight Loftis (dislikes cyclists) in G’ville is running for William Timmon’s seat. The other candidate is Amy Ryberg Doyle, who is procyclist/pedestrian. Election is on 1/22/19.

Bank balance = $90,841.75.

Meeting adjourned with no further business.