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Welcome to the Assaults

The Assaults® are organized and run by the Freewheelers Cycling Association.

Register for The Assaults

Assault on Mt. Mitchell Registration - Click here to Register
Registration fee: $135*
*Fee includes transportation for you to Marion from Mt. Mitchell, bike transportation to either Marion or Spartanburg an event T-shirt, and post-ride meal ticket.

Assault on Marion Registration - Click here to Register
Registration fee: $40*
*Fee includes an event T-shirt, post-ride meal ticket.

Transportation Options – available on each events registration page
All who complete the Assault on Mt. Mitchell are REQUIRED to ride the buses back to the loading/unloading zone at the Tom Johnson Campground in Marion, this bus ride is included in your registration fee. Transportation options are outlined below. Note: No vehicles other than event buses, event SAGs and event transport trucks are allowed on the cycling route and at Mt. Mitchell

Option 1: $30 | Monday Regular Return Bus Ticket (Marion to Spartanburg)

  • Bus service available from Marion to Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium.
  • If you are returning to Spartanburg, your bike will be put on a truck and be transported from Mt. Mitchell to the Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Option 2: $100 | Monday Direct Return Bus Ticket (Mitchell to Spartanburg)

  • Bus service available directly from Mitchell to Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium
  • Busses will leave promptly at 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM from Mt. Mitchell. Make sure that if you purchase this ticket, you are likely to finish your AOMM within 7 - 8.5 hours. We cannot hold the bus for late finishers.
  • This is a three-hour bus ride and space is LIMITED. The bus will make a stop for a restroom break, and a box lunch will be provided. 
  • If you are unable to board the 4:00 p.m. bus, you automatically forfeit your seat, and NO REFUNDS will be issued.  
  • Your bike will still have to be transported via truck back to Spartanburg, so you will likely have to wait on your bike in Spartanburg. Bikes CANNOT be transported on the buses.

Additional Option: $30 | Sunday Car Drop-off Return Bus Ticket (Marion to Spartanburg the day before ride)

  • On Sunday, May 17th, you may drive your car to Marion and park at Tom Johnson’s campground.
  • There will be bus service from Marion to Spartanburg, so that you can leave your vehicle at the Tom Johnson Campground Sunday night. You can purchase this bus ticket back to Spartanburg when you register online.
  • Note: the bus will leave Tom Johnson's Campground at exactly 4:00 pm on Sunday May 17 – do not be late!
  • Tom Johnson Campground charges a $5 parking fee for your car. You will need to make that purchase on your own when you arrive at the campground.
  • NO BIKES will be transported on Sunday back to Spartanburg, PASSENGERS ONLY!

No REFUNDS will be issued for any bus tickets – make sure you have your travel plans and logistics worked out with your family and friends BEFORE purchasing your transportation option. 

Fan Transportation/Additional Items
If you have fans who wish to cheer you on, there are a number of transportation and support options available to spectators. Prices vary, and tickets can be purchased online.

  • Spectator Bus ticket from Marion to Mitchell*: $15 
  • Extra event t-shirt: $15 
  • Extra post-ride meal ticket: $8 

*No personal cars are allowed up to the Mitchell finish line. This is the ONLY option for fans wishing to be at the Mt. Mitchell finish line to cheer on loved ones.

Thank You to our Event Partners- Insert Logos (Freewheelers, CVB, Herald Journal and Asheville Citizens times)- visit our sponsor page to view all participating sponsors and partners.



Professional Photos

The Assault on Mt. Mitchell began in 1975, when a group of friends led by John Bryan decided to ride from Spartanburg, SC to the top of Mt. Mitchell - the highest point east of the Mississippi River. From that casual beginning, the annual event has become one of the best known centuries in the country.
Part of the ride is along the Blue Ridge Parkway and it ends at the top of Mt. Mitchell State Park, where the number of riders is limited by both the National Park Service and the Mt. Mitchell State Park rules. Therefore, the Assault on Mt. Mitchell has been limited to 800 finishers for a number of years.

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