AOMM Training 4/16

This week’s AOMM TR 9 will be part of a Spartanburg Freewheeler bike club charity ride. Please consider donating to the ride if possible as it’s for a good cause and will help a fellow cyclist. I have added the FW ride posting below which has their information. Not required you donate to participate in my ride so come on out anyway.

            Paul White will once again lead a B version of this route for those interested. 

          Please contact me only if interested in Sagging for us this Saturday.

             When: Saturday 4/16 – I think the start time is 9:00 am.

            Where: Lake Blalock, 1925 Sandy Ford Rd. Chesnee SC, 29323

            Ride info: 85 miles and 6350’ of climb – the ride will include the Skyuka (4.3 miles and 1800’ ) and the Hogback Mountain (4.7 miles and 1500’) climbs. Both climbs will be up and back down the same way so please be careful as you descend in case there are riders still on the way up, cars, animals, etc….. The rest of the roads are the usual upstate rolling terrain and familiar to most of us. The pace will be the usual Saturday moderate effort between climbs with the climbs at your own pace with regroups at the top. I expect this ride will take in the neighborhood of 6 hours including the store stops. We have a lot of miles this week between climbs so please come prepared to work with the group and we’ll all get back in a safe and timely manner.


            Store stops: One in Columbus around the 30 mile mark before the Skyuka climb and the other in Landrum around 57 miles and after the Hogback climb.

            SAG: If anyone is interested in Sagging for us this week please contact me only. We’ll take up a collection for you and the FW’s will pay mileage for you.

The rides will be what we consider A / B level rides. In general we will ride at a steady moderate pace between climbs with the climbs at your own pace. We will regroup at the top of climbs before proceeding. If you are unsure about your ability to do a particular ride please contact me before the ride and I’ll try to help you decide. We try to help everyone but if you are obviously having trouble maintaining contact with the group we will recommend you turn back or proceed on your own. There are sometimes sections during a ride where the group tends to string out before regrouping. Please be patient during these sections as we will regroup at the usual spots. If you get behind just stay straight to the regroup point.  Try to remember that these are group rides and we often have to adjust to changing circumstances so everything may not happen exactly as planned or as you would like. If you come looking for some training and a fun social atmosphere with friends then you should leave happy and tired at the end of the ride.

Helmets required

Attention all cyclists, Sandy Holliday, who leads the Thursday Night Ice Cream Rides from Strawberry Hill needs your help!  Sandy’s husband, Mark, recently passed away after a battle with cancer.  She is facing medical bills in excess of $10,000.  Anyone who has met Sandy knows that she is a wonderful person and a great ambassador of bicycling.

The Freewheelers Cycling Association is hosting the Bandana Benefit Ride 2016 to raise funds to help defray some of these costs.

What:  Bandana Benefit Ride

When:  Saturday, April 16, 2016

Route lengths:  10, 30, 50 miles (ride at your own pace);  Richard White’s AOMM training ride will do an 84-mile loop.  SAG stop included.

Where:  Lake Blalock, 1925 Sandy Ford Rd. Chesnee SC, 29323, 5 minutes from I-85

The first 100 registrants get a free bandana to commemorate the ride and keep the sweat out of your eyes.  Lunch will be included after the ride for all participants.

Cost:  $20/rider, If you register before Wednesday, April 13, 2016.  If you register Thursday, April 13 – April 16, the cost is $25/rider.

Click on this link to register: